The Accesses

  • 5 types of accesses are proposed to you: on the water by a dock or in the trees, by a staircase, a suspended walkway, a scale or a zipline.
  • The zipline and and scale accesses are reserved for persons of minimum 12 or even 16 years of age (zipline).
  • If you have the vertigo or if you are pregnant you can only access to the floating hut, or to the tree houses with a simple access by stairs or suspended walkway (with the exception of the « Twins »)
  • If you come with children, you must choose a simple staircase or suspended walkway access both with a height dependent on the age of the children. There are tree houses accessible from 2 years, 6/8 years, 12 years and 16 years onwards.

The Colours

  • You must also choose the height of the tree house and the colour we gave its access: there are heights between 5 to 13m, and colors informing you about the level of difficulty of the access.


Easy access

Intermediate access

Sportive access

Very Sportive access