Can we come to the tree houses with children ?

YES, some tree houses (the lower ones with a staircase access) are accessible to children from the age of 2 years onwards. For children 6 or 8 years of age, other tree houses are accessible with suspension rope bridges; the tree houses with a flexible scale-access welcome children 12 years or older and the zipline-accessed tree houses are reserved for children 16 years or older.

For reasons of safety and liability (e.g. evacuation of the location, bad weather, disease ...), minors are not allowed to come alone in the tree houses. Finally, for the single-sized beds in our tree houses, you will need to bring along your own sleeping bags.

How do the dry toilets function ?

They are actually toilets without water in which are placed biodegradable bags; instead of water like in the conventional toilets, you use sawdust, hence the word « dry ». The used bags are taken to make compost; these toilets working without water nor chemical products are thus a 100% respectful of the environment.

For your comfort during a short, medium or long stay, you should know that « conventional » sanitary facilities (shower, toilet and washbasin) with water and electricity are at your disposal 24h/24 in the relaxation area of the Domaine du Bois Landry.

To go up into the tree houses does one need to wear a particular outfit ?

NO, a particular outfit is not recommended, just an adapted and casual one ! Jeans and sneakers are perfect. Clothes in which you feel well to do a little bit of sport. Avoid skirts, high heels, and flip flops. This is especially true for the zipline and flexible scale-accessed tree houses.

Can I come down from my tree house whenever I choose ?

YES ! The host team will brief you at your arrival, explaining the conditions of access to your cabin. Once we are certain that the safety instructions have been well understood and assimilated, we will accompany you all the way up into the tree house and then you are free to climb up and down throughout your stay!

What does one need to bring along ?

The bare essentials (toiletry case) for a twosome night. We provide you with a duvet, fitted sheet, towel, candle, lamp and equipment to access the cabins. On the other hand you should bring along your childrens sleeping bags for the additional single sized beds of our tree houses.

Does on need to be sportive to go up into a treehouse ?

NO, climbing up into a cabin is not an exceptionnal physical trial even if for some people the ascent is stunning. You should not suffer from vertigo! Enthusiasm and good mood are the essential ingredients! Of course one should be at ease on a flexible cable scale or hung at the end of a climbing harness.

How does one get the bagage up in the tree house ?

Your baggage is hooked to a snap hook at the base of the treehouse's tree. You then hoist them up using a rope. You should be carrying a minimum, especially since you return on foot and alone to the reception at your departure.

Can one bring one's own re-heating device for the meals ?

NO, the use of re-heating device or any other device using flames for heating in particular is strictly prohibited in the tree houses. For security reasons, you will only use the candles put in the lanterns of the tree houses to enlighten your tree house.

Are there spiders or other little insects in the tree houses ?

YES, the tree houses of Bois Landry are built in trees of a timber production location and therefore in the middle of nature. Even if the plexiglass windows of the tree houses are closed, it is not uncommon that spiders or even birds sneak inside the tree house. The arachnophobic persons will sometimes be sensitive to the presence of spiders, but the teams of Bois Landry will then do what's necessary to limit their presence or even make them disappear.

Can one come with a pet, a little dog ?

NO, because the Estate of Bois Landry is a timber production location and one of preservation of forest biodiversity, forming part of the European network Natura 2000, within the framework of the Directive on the Protection of Birds. Therefore we cannot accommodate you with your pets, dogs in particular regardless of their size, friendliness and education. We regret this even more that we love them as much as you do!