The Estate offers you a set of complementary services for a minimum of 15€ tax includes

(Any order for such services must be passed no later than 72h before your stay - Service in the cabin towards 7 pm/7 .30 PM)

The dinner service, wine & drinks in the tree houses

Cabane Menu for 31 Euros tax incl. per person - Coup de cœur Menu for 41 Euros tax incl. per person. - Menu Junior for 19 Euros tax incl. per person - Poussin Menu for 12 Euros tax included per person - Wine list & drinks from 15 euros onwards per bottle:

  • Cabane Menu
  • Coup de coeur Menu
  • Wine list
  • The appetizer service on your terrace at 19 Euros tax incl. per pers. (Champagne and local products tapas)
  • The bottle of champagne service for 35 Euros tax incl. per bottle.
  • The birthday cake service (from 16 euros onwards / 2 pers. - At your discretion chocolate or fruit flavour)
  • The rose bouquet service (a round bouquet for 40 Euros tax incl.)